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How to Get A Girl to Date You

Get Your Girl - How to Get A Girl to Date You

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get your girl todayHave you ever struggled to get your girl? Have you ever met a woman and things seemed to go well, but then she never returned your phone call? Have you ever had a long conversation with a lady and thought she was interested in you, only to watch her leave with another guy at the end of the night?

These are common problems that bedevil the average guy. These are the issues that make it hard for you to get your girl.

But you don’t have to be an average guy.

If you’re meeting women and things seem to go well only to fall apart at the last moment, that’s because you’re not properly building an emotional connection. You’re not building a bond with her. You’re fading away in her memory, becoming just another face she saw on Friday night.

Get Your Girl Today with Bonding and Values Questions

First, use an “eliciting value” routines to learn about her likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, and backgrounds. For example, you could ask, “What is the experience that makes you the happiest?” Or, “If money and time were no object, what kind of vacation would you take? Being lazy on the beach or snow skiing? Being adventurous or just relaxing?”

Her answer to this type of question will illustrate her values and allow you to respond accordingly.

Cold Reading Can Get Your Girl

Second, employ “cold reading” techniques. These are similar to the strategies used by fortune tellers and rely on general, open-ended statements like, “You’re a pretty emotional person, aren’t you?” Cold reading allows you to learn about the woman you’re talking to in an interesting way. Instead of bombarding her with boring interview questions, you are having a deep and interesting conversation that makes her feel comfortable with you.

There are thousands more ways to create an emotional connection with the women you encounter. But the bottom line is that a solid emotional connection is what she will remember. It’s what she’ll reflect on fondly when she sees your number pop up on her cellphone. And it’s what is going to help you get your girl.

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